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We regularly issue retail brochures with all our stamps fully described and illustrated. This stock is constantly changing with stamps costing from a few pounds to many thousands. These are also posted on this website. In the past we used to run our popular postal auctions, which we have started once again and are proving very popular again. We also have thousands of items for sale on on ebay shop.

Barry Fitzgerald

As a child I always had an interest in history which led to me to start collecting coins at the age of 11. However by the age of 13, I had moved on to the heavy stuff ‘British Stamps’. As I seemed to have more fun collecting stamps than I was doing my homework, this led me to decide it would be super to make my living out of stamps when I left school. At the age of 16 in an effort to dispose of my spare stamps I took a stand at a small stamp fair and found to my pleasant surprise that I had a business. It was not long before I started doing my own small amateur brochures in 1978, and by 1981 I had taken a shop in the famous stamp centre in Covent Garden, London.

Since 1981 we have seen the GB stamp market rise and fall in prices (somewhat similar to the property market) with the highs often coinciding with economic booms and the lows with economic down turns. However we generally see that it turns out to be an increase in the long term (15+ years).

These days especially since 2000 the internet (eBay) has revolutionised stamp collecting, bringing thousands of new people into the hobby. As a result the hobby is reaching more people than ever, especially as eBay being one global stamp shop.

Since the first 1d Black was issued in 1840 collecting stamps has always been popular. The millions of people collecting stamps today will ensure the hobby will continue to go from strength to strength. We have excellent stocks of Great Britain selected and quality stamps from 1840 to QE decimal period.

How to build a great collection

I have helped lots of clients build large and exciting collections of stamps over the years.

Most people start with their favourite interest and then build from there. But with my expertise I can advise you and help you to buy the very best stamps available on the market to create a truly amazing collection for many generations of your family to enjoy and cherish…

Please get in touch to discuss your collecting preferences with me.

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