Auction Guidance

To bid in our postal auction, you’re requested to visit this page on our website, then click each lot you’re interested in and submit a maximum bid. All bid must be expressed in £ STERLING. Alternatively, telephone or e-mail bids can be accepted from known clients. You are welcome to fill out a postal bidding form by clicking here, then posting it or e-mailing it to us. 


EXAMPLE:- Lot “A” – estimate £6. A typical selection of bids received may be: Mr. W bids £5; Mr. X bids £6; Mr. Y bids £7.50; and Mr. Z bids £12 (i.e. he wants to make sure he gets the lot). Naturally Mr. Z w ill get the lot since his is the highest bid. He will have to pay £8 for it (i.e. the next step up from the second highest bid).

Once we have your bids, the auctioneers will bid on your behalf free of charge. All bids are CONFIDENTIAL and will not be disclosed to third parties.



Postal bids have the same status as room bids and will be entered in strict order of POSTING date. It is advisable to submit your bids as early as possible.


Where two or more equal bids are received, the first such bid will be successful. ‘BUY BIDS’ are accepted subject to the auctioneers’ discretion up to a fixed limit and the auctioneers, decision is final.


Bidding will normally increase in the following manner:


Up to £10 by 50p steps

£10 to £20 by £1 steps

£20 to £60 by £2 steps

£60 to £100 by £5 steps

£100 to £300 by £10 steps

£300 to £600 by £20 steps

£600 to £1000 by £50 steps

Over £1000 by £100 steps


These may be varied at the discretion of the Auctioneers.


As a service to clients who wish to purchase up to a fixed total value, we have a well-proven system which avoids disappointment in receiving less than they require without over stretching their budget for stamp purchases. You may fill in the limit on the bid form, enter bids for every lot in which you are interested and we will stop buying for you when your limit figure is reached. 



Unlike most other auctions that charge 10% – 25% premium on top of hammer price, we do not.


Please indicate method of dispatch, postal charges are determined by weight but as a guide:

UK First Class (orders under £100) £1.00, UK Special Delivery (orders over £100) £6.00, International Standard (orders under £100) £2.00, International Signed For (orders over £100) £10.00.


Our reserves on lots is approximately 80% of the estimate. Therefore bids of less than this are very unlikely to succeed. Lots may be viewed through the post by known clients or those providing suitable references.



Conditions of Sale:

The Great Britain Postal Auction, hereafter referred to as “GBPA,” takes great care to ensure that all descriptions of condition, cancellation, centring, colour, date of issue (postal marking), gum, paper, perforation, printing, margins, provenance, quality, source, sheet position, status, usage, watermark, and other philatelic terms for each “lot” are accurate and reliable. We guarantee that each individual item or “lot” is authentic and genuine unless stated otherwise.
Please note that the statements within our descriptions are the opinion of the auctioneer and are not intended to be taken as factual statements.
Any expressions, comments, opinions, or annotations regarding the characteristics mentioned above that are attached to individual items or included within any lot (such as notes or catalogue prices) are not part of the auctioneer’s statements unless otherwise verified or indicated by the auctioneer.
Clause 1:
(a) Each lot is offered subject to any reserve.

(b) The highest bidder for each lot, taking into account the reserve price, will become the purchaser.

Clause 2:
(a) The bidding or advances shall be regulated at the absolute discretion of GBPA.
(b) GBPA reserves the right to refuse any bid or bids .
Clause 3:
(a) The Auctioneer can withdraw any lot without providing a reason.
(b) GBPA may bid on behalf of buyers and vendors, but is not liable for any errors or omissions.
(c) GBPA is an agent only and is not liable for any issues that arise between the purchaser and vendor.
Clause 4:
(a) The vendor retains ownership of each lot until it is fully paid for.
(b) Delivery cannot occur until the purchaser has fully paid for the lot within 7 days (UK) or 14 days (overseas), or longer if agreed upon in writing.
(c) If a purchaser fails to pay in full within the agreed-upon timeframe, the Auctioneer can put the lot up for auction again or sell it privately.
Clause 5:

(a) Each lot is genuine unless otherwise specified in the lot description.

(b) The purchaser has the right to return any lot within 21 days (30 days for overseas purchasers) and receive a full refund of the purchase price. If a certificate from a recognised expert or committee contradicts the lot’s description, such as indicating that a stamp is not genuine, GBPA. will rescind the sale, refund the purchase price, the certificate price, and cover the postage expenses upon receiving the lot and certificate in its original condition.

Special Conditions:
1. A service charge of 2% will be charged if currency other than GB £ sterling is used to settle an account, to cover bank charges.
2. Where there are two or more lots described as similar lots and are identical in content, value or weight a bid for such a lot will be equally valid for any ‘similar’ lot, unless instructions are given to the contrary.
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